Hi, we’re Emma & Laura, two Northern 20-something year old lifestyle bloggers who love to blog about everything & anything going on in our lives.

We just like to gossip & chat about things we’re loving, hating & wanting. There’s a lot of things we’re wanting!

Emma M

Hi, I’m Emma a Yorkshire lass, new to blogging, who loves to tell a story. I love: food (especially Percy Pigs), booze, shoes & beauty. I am frequently distracted by anything shiny or sparkly. I loathe: mushrooms & Excel.

Laura P

I’m not quite as authentically Northern as Emma but i’m definitely an honorary Yorkshire girl – living in the North with my husband Andy & Ralph The Dog (official name). I love the countryside but mainly from the comfort of a beer garden, shopping online or in independent shops. Just to be like Emma I better tell you my dislikes: I hate sauces (tomato, mayonnaise, mustard…anything condiment related really) and have a big think against food textures…don’t ask I could ramble on for while!