What i've been watching

What I’ve been reading/watching/listening to recently

It feels like we’ve had a busy few weeks with work and packed out weekends (not that I can really complain)! However I am now in major wind down mode towards this weekend and closer to our week away in France! I’ve already been getting into the holiday spirit with reading books, magazines & listening to music. So here are a few things I’ve been reading, watching or listening to this week.
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Lifestyle Bloggers

How well do we really know each other?

So we’ve known each other for well over 18 years and both contribute to A Little Bit Of Lifestyle so we thought we’d do a little joint post today with more of an ‘about us’ feel. Rather than each of us being self-indulgent and possible lying we’ve decided to write each other’s…this could be very interesting!

It’s slightly Mr & Mrs esq apart from we’re not married, to each other!
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Canal Mills Street Food Festival

Drink, Drink & More Drink

Last week I finally stopped taking post-operation antibiotics, meaning one thing, it was finally time to start drinking again!

I’m not going to lie, I do like a drink so the last 4 or so months have been a bit of a struggle, especially with the weather being a bit better all i’ve wanted to do is enjoy a crisp glass of white wine in the sunshine! Anyway I no longer have to dream about it I can finally have a sneaky beverage (I am taking it slow though).
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Purple Flowers

Spring (/Summer) Clean

This was the first weekend we’d been at home properly for the last few weeks so decided it was high time to get the house & garden in order!

AP is a clean FREAK! Full on, everything has it’s place in a show home sort of way (he definitely gets this from his Mum…sorry Les!). I always thought I was tidy but in comparison I look like quite the hoarder.
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