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How well do we really know each other?

So we’ve known each other for well over 18 years and both contribute to A Little Bit Of Lifestyle so we thought we’d do a little joint post today with more of an ‘about us’ feel. Rather than each of us being self-indulgent and possible lying we’ve decided to write each other’s…this could be very interesting!

It’s slightly Mr & Mrs esq apart from we’re not married, to each other!
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Day at the Races Outfit

The Christening / Races Outfit Dilemma

As the Law of Sod would have it, no exciting events had taken place recently so obviously two were bound to arrive at once. And that they did, York Races and a Christening. One day after the other.

I was hardly going to bail on the races, (they’re such fun and aside from Christmas, it’s the only occasion when it’s considered acceptable to drink champagne at 10 in the morning) and really wanted to see my friend’s little one getting Christened so I would definitely be doing both.
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Tour De France Harrogate

Le Tour Yorkshire

The Tour De France arrived in Yorkshire this weekend and it was quite the spectacle. Having lived around this area for so long it was really impressive to see the effort all the locals had put into decorating the towns & local villages – a sea of yellow bikes & polka dots lined the streets.

We managed to get some great shots from the start at Harewood, some action shots in Otley and the finish in Harrogate.
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