Canal Mills Street Food Festival

Drink, Drink & More Drink

Last week I finally stopped taking post-operation antibiotics, meaning one thing, it was finally time to start drinking again!

I’m not going to lie, I do like a drink so the last 4 or so months have been a bit of a struggle, especially with the weather being a bit better all i’ve wanted to do is enjoy a crisp glass of white wine in the sunshine! Anyway I no longer have to dream about it I can finally have a sneaky beverage (I am taking it slow though).
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Wedding cake topper

Wedding Guest Outfits

So it’s Wedding Season!

FYI I love Weddings, seriously LOVE them. Everything about them is so much fun, I loved organising mine and would happily do it all over again (with the same person, obvs & if I had the funds, which I don’t!) Anyway, thankfully a few more of my friends are getting married this year or have just recently got engaged(!) so there’s a lot more celebrations to come. I’m now enjoying the build up to some Summer weddings, especially the imminent hen dos!

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Boho Bangles Stacking Bracelets

Boho Bangles

I have always been a little bit in love with all things Boho and I’m delighted that wearing stacks of bangles on your wrists is ‘in’ again this season. Now the sun is shining and the maxi skirts and dresses have been unearthed from the depths of my wardrobe, I thought I might see what bangles and bracelets I have to go with them.
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Make up Must haves

Emma’s Make-Up Best Of…

I was at work the other day procrastinating and we were all talking about what our favourite make-up items were. I struggled to decide as I have a list rather than one specific product so I thought it might be a nice thing to do a blog on! So here it is!
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Summer Sale

Sale Away

Just when I decided it was time to stop shopping I’ve received hundreds of sale  emails. Seemingly every shop has gone into major sale melt down!

I tried to resist most of them but then one of my favourite shops, Anthropologie sent me their sale email and I couldn’t not take a little look. This was fatal and some purchases have been made (if they’re nice on arrival i’ll show you them).
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