Bloom & Wild

Is there anything more lovely than coming home on a miserable March evening to find a beautiful box of hand-selected flowers waiting for you? I’m not sure there is.

As someone who loves having fresh flowers in the house (and after seeing the Bloom & Wildicon buzz all over social media last year) I knew I had to try them out. After dropping some not-so-subtle hints to the boyfriend about Christmas present ideas, I received a 3 month subscription for their Luxe and Wild collection.

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Loved up in the Lakes

So The Boy and I * decided we should do something nice for our second wedding anniversary and go somewhere outside of Yorkshire.

* having been married only 2 years and being in my 20’s, calling him ‘husband’ seems so Victorian and serious, ‘Hubby’, ‘Hub’ make me cringe so ‘The Boy’ it is.

Not wanting to stray too far through risk of bursting into flames we decided on Windermere in the Lake District at a hotel called The Samling. And lovely it was too…

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