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What I’ve been reading/watching/listening to recently

It feels like we’ve had a busy few weeks with work and packed out weekends (not that I can really complain)! However I am now in major wind down mode towards this weekend and closer to our week away in France! I’ve already been getting into the holiday spirit with reading books, magazines & listening to music. So here are a few things I’ve been reading, watching or listening to this week.


1. Sabine Durrant – Under Your Skin

I do love reading, particularly on holiday and really enjoy a book while I’m reading it but very rarely find a book that I would thoroughly recommend to everyone. However this thriller/who done it novel is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone. It’s got great twists & turns and a very unexpected ending.  It’s not particularly long and I was glued instantly so read it in about a day!

2. Sheerluxe Newsletter

I’ve worked online ever since I left Uni so I am a bit of an online advocate and have thousands of newsletters that I receive on a daily basis but one which I look forward to receiving everyday is the newly revamped Sheerluxe newsletter. It’s a lifestyle site mixing articles with shopping, promotions and travel snippets. Sign up and take a look.

3. Blogs

Probably not a surprise but I love reading blogs, there are loads out there but here are just a few I follow regularly. For makeup ideas I like to read Sophie’s Make Up Blog – I love her little beauty ideas and her imagery is really pretty & simple but makes me want to buy everything she talks about. Unlike some bloggers she mixes highstreet products with the slightly more investment buys which is really nice, doesn’t make me feel like I need to spend £100’s on things I’ll probably only use once! For lifestyle bloggers The Londoner & Milk Bubble Tea have a great mix of clothes, interiors, restaurants to visit & most importantly dogs! For a bit of humour mixed with clothes & beauty ideas try A Model Recommends – she also has a dog that she features in Celebrities who have hair like my dog.

4. Nashville

So it appears I’m a bit behind on the whole Nashville phenomenon by approximately 2 series but having completed Suits, Lie To Me, 24 and The OC (taking me back to uni days) on Love Film I thought I’d give Nashville a go. I am now obsessed, more than is normal, I even dreamt I was in it last night, luckily they didn’t need me to sing or have an American accent I just worked in the bar with my Yorkshire twang. However my dream was mainly me talking about Nashville while on the red carpet at the CMAs…then I woke up…disappointing!

Although AP is not a fan of the show he is at least happy that I now want to visit Nashville which he’s been begging me to do for years so we’ll see, a state side trip may need to be in order. This leads me nicely onto what I’ve been listening to…

5. Nashville Soundtrack

…I told you I am obsessed…so I have now listened countless times to the Nashville soundtrack! If you’re not in to country music just give it a go there’s some good tracks in there, listen out for Lennon & Maisy Stella and Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen’s duets.

6. 50 Shades of Grey

I’m not 2 years behind the times or anything, I have read the books but yesterday the trailer was released. I’m now even more curious at how they’re going to make it into a film. We’ve had a bit of a discussion in the office on whether we think Jamie Dornan fits who we had in our head for Mr Grey…there’s no denying he’s a good looking bloke but we’re just not quite sure he’s who we imagined.

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